What is another word for smitane?

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[ smˈɪte͡ɪn], [ smˈɪte‍ɪn], [ s_m_ˈɪ_t_eɪ_n]

"Smitane" is a word that has no synonymous words available. It is a unique term that is not widely used in the English language. However, if one were to try to associate similar words with "smitane," they might consider words like "smitten" and "enamored." Both words refer to being deeply in love or moved by something or someone. Similarly, "infatuated" and "captivated" could also be used as synonyms for "smitane" to describe a strong attraction or fascination towards someone or something. Ultimately, while "smitane" may not have direct synonyms, there are words that can capture the essence of its meaning.

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    Synonyms for Smitane:

    • n.

      food (noun) Other relevant words: (noun)

    How to use "Smitane" in context?

    Smitane is a rare, potent and expensive liquor made from fermented grapes. It is usually mixed with vermouth, coffee and Bailey's Irish Cream.

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