What is another word for social movement?

Pronunciation: [sˈə͡ʊʃə͡l mˈuːvmənt] (IPA)

A social movement is a group of people who come together to promote a common cause or goal. There are many synonyms for social movement, including grassroots movement, citizen movement, activist movement, popular movement, and community mobilization. Each of these synonyms emphasizes the importance of ordinary people coming together to create change in society. Grassroots movement suggests that the movement is initiated and driven by people at the local level. Citizen movement emphasizes the role of individuals in advocating for change. Activist movement suggests that members of the movement take direct action to achieve their goals. Popular movement suggests widespread support for the cause, and community mobilization highlights the importance of collective action.

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Famous quotes with Social movement

  • Where there is a sufficient social movement of self-reliant communities, there can be political change. There must be political change.
    Jerry Brown
  • Young people have been at the forefront of every great social movement in our country's history.
    Sherrod Brown
  • It's a bit odd that nobody seems to be using the correct technical term to describe organized Islamic terrorists. They are not a faction of a religion or a social movement. They are a cult. A suicide cult.
    Craig Bruce
  • Lorian Press could have simply reprinted the first edition of , from 1976. I liked its length (only 50,000 words), it covered almost all the ground I do here, and I wanted to prove to you that the perspective I synthesized – the perspective of many people in the social change movements of today – goes back to the Nixon-Ford era, when the traditional left and right both lost their way. It was not spontaneously generated by any single social movement of the last 40 years. Rather, all our movements have been re-inventing, adding to, and deepening a perspective that already in the 1970s stood as our only real alternative to More Of The Same.
    Mark Satin

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