What is another word for somaesthesia?

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Somaesthesia is the medical term used to define the perception of sensations coming from the skin, muscles, and joints. There are several synonyms for somaesthesia that can be used interchangeably depending on the context of the discussion. These include the words tactile sensation, kinesthesia, haptic sensation, and somatosensory perception. Each of these words describes the experience of feeling physical sensations in different ways. Tactile sensation refers to the ability to detect touch, while kinesthesia refers to the awareness of body position and movement. Haptic sensation is all about the sense of touch and the perception of forces. On the other hand, somatosensory perception encompasses all the senses related to touch and body awareness.

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How to use "Somaesthesia" in context?

Somaesthesia is the ability to experience sensations on the skin that are not generated by the body's own mechanoreceptors (sensory receptors in the skin that are activated by movements or pressure). Somatosensory perception refers to the experience of sensations at the skin, as well as within the body. Somatosensory perception can be classified into five types, depending on the type of sensation experienced. Types of somatosensory perception are contact, pressure, pain, temperature, and vibration.

Contact somatosensory perception refers to the experience of sensations on the skin that arise from contact with the skin itself.

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