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Pronunciation: [sˈʌməsˌɛt mˈɔːəm] (IPA)

William Somerset Maugham was an English playwright, novelist and short-story writer. He is considered to be one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. Maugham's works are characterized by their simplicity and clarity of style, their perceptive insight into human nature and their graceful prose. He was often compared to other writers of the era, such as James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and D. H. Lawrence. Maugham's career spanned over six decades and he produced many notable works, such as "Of Human Bondage", "The Razor's Edge" and "The Moon and Sixpence". His legacy as a writer continues to endure to this day.

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  • That Somerset Maugham anthology . How destructive he is, venomous, pulling everything down in biting, corrosive cynicism. Yet somewhere deep down under all the conceit, sarcasm and snobbery is real quivering pain, helpless bewilderment at the inexplicable fact that human nature is . And what perplexes him is less the common, mean element in people than the goodness and kindness of wicked, vicious ones.
    Ida Friederike Görres
  • Goethe said, “The author whom a lexicon can keep up with is worth nothing”; Somerset Maugham says that the finest compliment he ever received was a letter in which one of his readers said: “I read your novel without having to look up a single word in the dictionary.” These writers, plainly, lived in different worlds.
    Randall Jarrell
  • Somerset Maugham refers more than once to the pleasure of the Malayan morning - papaya and eggs and bacon and strong British tea taken while the air is cool and the sun awaits its sudden thrust into the green land....
    Anthony Burgess
  • Somerset Maugham … wrote somewhere that "Nobody is any better than he ought to be." … I carried it along with me as a working philosophy, but I suppose that finally I would have to take exception to the thought … or else the universe is just an elaborate clock.
    Norman Mailer

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