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Sphyraenidae is a scientific family name that has various synonyms. The family belongs to the fish kingdom and is commonly known as the barracudas. Some of the synonyms of Sphyraenidae include the following: barracudinas, barracoutas, sea pikes, and snoeks. These synonyms are often used interchangeably in scientific literature and by anglers and fish enthusiasts who are interested in the family. The Sphyraenidae family is known for its predatory nature and sharp teeth, making them a formidable predator in the waters. Conservation efforts are currently underway to preserve and protect these magnificent fish populations in their natural habitats around the world.

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The sphyraenidae are a family of small to medium-sized sea snakes. They are typically brown or black, with distinct bands along their bodies. They are the smallest of all sea snakes, with the exception of the Australian black snakes. Some members of the family have distinctive specks on their heads.

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