What is another word for stegosaur?

Pronunciation: [stˈɛɡəsˌɔː] (IPA)

Stegosaurs are a group of herbivorous dinosaurs known for their distinctive bony plates along their backs and spiked tails. While there are no direct synonyms for the word "stegosaur," there are related terms that describe other members of this family. For example, the ankylosaur also had a heavily armored body, but lacked the distinctive plates of the stegosaur. The nodosaur also had armor, but its spikes were arranged differently than the stegosaur's. Other synonyms might include "armored dinosaur" or "spiked dinosaur," but these refer to a broader variety of species beyond just the stegosaur.

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Usage examples for Stegosaur

The stegosaur is one of the most singular and most familiar representatives of the group in the Jurassic.
"The Story of Evolution"
Joseph McCabe
The stegosaur carried huge plates upon his curved back, suggesting a circular saw; his long powerful tail was armed with sharp spikes, and must have been a dangerous weapon.
"The Book of the National Parks"
Robert Sterling Yard

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