What is another word for strawworm?

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[ stɹˈɔːwɜːm], [ stɹˈɔːwɜːm], [ s_t_ɹ_ˈɔː_w_ɜː_m]

Synonyms for Strawworm:

How to use "Strawworm" in context?

The term 'strawworm' is a name given to a type of fly known to cause much food-borne illness. It is also known as the gall midge or cockroach fly. The strawworm typically attacks decaying animal matter, such as rotting meat or fresh garbage. People are most at risk of getting sick from eating contaminated food, especially if they are sick or elderly. There is no specificreatmentavailable for the strawworm, but depending on the route of infection, early diagnosis and treatment can lead to a good prognosis.

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