What is another word for striplings?

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[ stɹˈɪplɪŋz], [ stɹˈɪplɪŋz], [ s_t_ɹ_ˈɪ_p_l_ɪ_ŋ_z]

Striplings are young individuals who are still in the process of growing up and becoming adults. Some of the synonyms for striplings include youths, adolescents, teenagers, juniors, minors, and juveniles. These words describe young people who are below the age of majority and are yet to acquire the full responsibilities and privileges of adulthood. Other synonyms for striplings include neophytes, newcomers, novices, and greenhorns, which suggest a lack of experience and expertise in a given field of endeavor. Whatever the word used to describe them, striplings represent the future generation and need to be treated with care and attention as they blossom into full-fledged adults.

How to use "Striplings" in context?

There is something inherently intriguing about young creatures, especially those that are in their early developmental stages. This is especially true when it comes to mammals, which typically undergo a significant morphological change at puberty. This particular stage is called "stripling" in mammals, and refers to a juvenile form that typically emerges after a pup's birth.

Some of the key characteristics of striplings are their small size, juvenile features, and lack of body hair. They also have a higher birth rate, contribute more to their parent's diet, and can be more agile than adults.

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