What is another word for sudachi?

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[ suːdˈat͡ʃɪ], [ suːdˈat‍ʃɪ], [ s_uː_d_ˈa_tʃ_ɪ]

Sudachi is a citrus fruit that is primarily grown and cultivated in Japan. This small, green fruit is often used in Japanese cooking to add a tangy, sour flavor to dishes. Although there are no direct synonyms for Sudachi, other citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, and yuzu are often used as substitutes in recipes outside of Japan. These fruits have similar flavor profiles and can provide a similar level of acidity to dishes. Additionally, vinegar or tartaric acid can also be used as a substitute for Sudachi when cooking, depending on the recipe. However, Sudachi has a distinct flavor and aroma, making it a unique ingredient in Japanese cuisine.

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How to use "Sudachi" in context?

Sudachi (サドチ) is a popular Japanese whisky made from rice. The rice is first washed and then boiled in water with a bit of salt added. The resulting 'polished' rice is then used to make sherry, whisky, or shochu.

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