What is another word for sundry?

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[ sˈʌndɹi], [ sˈʌndɹi], [ s_ˈʌ_n_d_ɹ_i]

Sundry is an adjective used to describe various and assorted items or things. Its synonyms include diverse, miscellaneous, varied, assorted, sundries, and multiplex. These words convey a similar idea as sundry but with a broader range of meaning. Diverse implies a range of differences or variations within a singular group. Miscellaneous is used for things that are not easily categorized. Varied suggests a range of different types or kinds. Assorted is used for things that are grouped together despite their differences. Sundries refers to small miscellaneous items, while multiplex suggests a range of different types or uses.

Similar words: sundries, sundry items, sundry company, sundry shops, sundries store, sundries and novelties

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    InVarious dictionaries,sundry refers to a vast range of items, such as clothes, food, furniture, tools, and random objects. The word typically describes something which is not specific or classified. In some cases, the word can describe something that is unusual or charming. Although the word typically implies a somewhat random selection, there is generally a sense of unity or coherence when looking at a sundry collection. In the arts, a sundry collection of paintings, sculptures, or other works can be created for the express purpose of displaying a variety of styles, moods, and ideas.

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