What is another word for superbia?

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[ sˈuːpəbˌa͡ɪə], [ sˈuːpəbˌa‍ɪə], [ s_ˈuː_p_ə_b_ˌaɪ_ə]

Related words: haughtiness, arrogance

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    Synonyms for Superbia:

    How to use "Superbia" in context?

    Latin superbia means excessive pride or arrogance. A person who is supremely confident in their abilities or self-worth can be said to be arrogant. Superbia is often mistaken for self-confidence, but there is a big difference. Self-confidence is based on a strong belief in oneself, while superbia is based on an extreme sense of self-worth. People with a high degree of superbia can be arrogant and condescending, often expecting others to recognize their superior talents and abilities. Superbia can be a personality trait or an illness.

    Superbia can be a lucky or unlucky trait.

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