What is another word for swamplands?

Pronunciation: [swˈampləndz] (IPA)

Swamplands are wetlands characterized by stagnant water, dense vegetation, and frequently inundated soils. Other synonyms for swamplands include marshes, wetlands, bogs, fens, and moors. All of these terms refer to varying degrees of wet, boggy, or marshy land that is typically difficult to navigate. These areas are often home to specialized flora and fauna, including mangroves, cypress, and alligators in some parts of the world. Swamplands are essential ecosystems, providing vital services such as flood control, water purification, carbon storage, and habitat for wildlife. In summary, swamplands are also known as wetlands, bogs, marshes, fens, or moors, and they play a vital ecological role and are home to unique flora and fauna.

Synonyms for Swamplands:

What are the hypernyms for Swamplands?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Swamplands

Somehow-I don't know how-we got lost on the swamplands, and, losing our bearings, we found ourselves presently within the Confederate lines.
"Recollections of a Varied Life"
George Cary Eggleston
Joseph Maillard did not own any stock in the Bayou Oil Company at the time your land was sold them by him, and he had no interest at all in the real estate concern that bought your St. Landry swamplands and made a fortune off them.
"The Mardi Gras Mystery"
H. Bedford-Jones
Here the stunted, unnatural growth of the swamplands had given away to the more normal vegetation of the jungle-clad lowlands.
"Voodoo Planet"
Andrew North

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