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There are several synonymous terms that can be used in place of the word "syllabus." One popular alternative is "curriculum," which refers to the courses and subjects taught in a particular program or educational institution. Another option is "course outline," which describes the specific topics and learning objectives of a particular class. "Program guide" or "learning plan" can also be used to refer to the document outlining the requirements and expectations for a given course of study. Additionally, "lesson plan" is a synonym that emphasizes the more granular details of individual class sessions and their objectives.

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How to use "Syllabus" in context?

Syllabus is a common name for a list of topics and/or subjects that are to be covered during a course of study or instruction. A syllabus can also be a document that outlines the content and structure of a course or training program.

Many colleges and universities, in an effort to provide an overview of what a student should expect in a given course, employ a syllabus. A syllabus can help a student to plan his or her educational time and to understand the expectations of the instructor.

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