What is another word for symphonic music?

Pronunciation: [sɪmfˈɒnɪk mjˈuːzɪk] (IPA)

Symphonic music, also known as classical music or orchestral music, is a genre of music that is performed by a symphony orchestra. The symphony orchestra is composed of various musical instruments, such as strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. The music is usually complex, melodic and often uses multiple themes or movements. Other synonyms for symphonic music include classical music, orchestral music, symphonic orchestration, grandiose music, and instrumental music. The genre has been popular for centuries, and composers such as Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven are considered some of the most influential in classical music history. Symphonic music is often used in film, television and theatre.

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Famous quotes with Symphonic music

  • In symphonic music, when you are conducting, you do the same thing. You are feeling the whole orchestra, thinking ahead so you can prepare for a change.
    David Amram
  • There's the Bacon society, which is fostered by his fourth wife Helen Bacon, but I don't know what kind of performances his music gets. He wrote symphonic music and some chorale music.
    Carlisle Floyd
  • I think every age has a medium that talks to it more eloquently than the others. In the 19th century it was symphonic music and the novel. For various technical and artistic reasons, film became that eloquent medium for the 20th century.
    Walter Murch
  • Today's symphonic music is sponsored by the upper structures of society.
    Sun Ra
  • I'm a fan of many different styles of classical and symphonic music.
    Billy Sheehan

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