What is another word for systolic murmur?

Pronunciation: [sɪstˈɒlɪk mˈɜːmə] (IPA)

A systolic murmur is a medical condition where an abnormal sound is heard during the contraction phase of the heart. The sound is typically caused by turbulent blood flow into or out of the heart, resulting in a vibrating sound that can be heard through a stethoscope. There are several synonyms for systolic murmur, including systolic flow murmur, ejection systolic murmur, and innocent systolic murmur. A systolic flow murmur is a harmless condition that occurs when blood flows rapidly through the heart and can be heard in healthy individuals. Ejection systolic murmur denotes the sound that is heard during the ejection phase of the heart's contraction. Meanwhile, an innocent systolic murmur is a systolic murmur that is heard in a person without any underlying heart disease.

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