What is another word for t-network?

Pronunciation: [tˈiːnˈɛtwɜːk] (IPA)

A T-network is a specific circuit topology commonly used in electronics. It consists of three resistors and is shaped like the letter T, with one end of the T being the input and the other end being the output. Synonyms for T-network include T-circuit, T-bridge, T-attenuator, and T-pad. The T-circuit is often used in radio frequency (RF) applications and can be used to match impedance between two different circuits. The T-bridge is used to measure resistance in a circuit, while the T-attenuator is used to reduce signal amplitude. The T-pad is a type of attenuator that is used to adjust the level of a signal in a transmission line.

Synonyms for T-network:

What are the hyponyms for T-network?

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