What is another word for ta?

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Ta is a common interjection used to express gratitude or to say goodbye informally. However, there are many synonyms that you can use to convey the same message. Some popular alternatives include "thanks," "cheers," "adios," "so long," and "farewell." If you want to be more creative, you could also say "much obliged," "goodbye for now," "take care," or "catch you later." These synonyms for ta can be used in various situations, such as when someone has done you a favor, or when you are leaving a social gathering. By using different synonyms for ta, you can add more variety to your conversations and make your interactions more interesting.

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    Ta is often used in the Cantonese language as an alternative word for dad, an older relative, or even " uncle." Ta also often stands for "two," as in "ta buk gung" which means "two books.

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        cheers, TRTA.
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      • Verb, past tense

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