What is another word for tandem?

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Tandem is a word that refers to something that is working in conjunction with another. There are plenty of synonyms for the word "tandem" that you can use to express the same idea. For example, you might use the word "together" to suggest that two things are working in unison. You could also use words like "simultaneously" or "jointly" to suggest that two things are acting in tandem. Other synonyms for tandem include "cooperatively", "concurrently", and "in concert". No matter which synonym you choose, the important thing is to make sure that you are conveying the concept of two things working together in harmony.

How to use "Tandem" in context?

The word "tandem" comes from the Latin word tandem, meaning "two of a kind." A tandem is a two-wheeled vehicle consisting of one rider on the front and one rider on the back. The tandem was used in the early days of aviation by adding a second seat to a regular airplane. Today, tandem bikes are popular as a form of exercise and for weekend rides.

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