What is another word for telecommunication?

Pronunciation: [tˌɛlɪkəmjˌuːnɪkˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Telecommunication refers to the exchange of information and communication over a distance through a variety of methods. There are numerous synonyms for the term "telecommunication," including telephony, telecom, digital communication, information technology, network communication, electronic messaging, and distance communication. The expression "digital communication" is frequently used to describe the transmission of digital data via electronic or optical channels, while "telecom" refers to the use of technology to send and receive messages over long distances. Information technology describes a wider field encompassing hardware, software, and data storage, with telecommunication being an essential element. Whatever term is used, it refers to communication occurring outside the realms of physical face-to-face contact.

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Famous quotes with Telecommunication

  • Instant telecommunication allows better and updated information, lessons learnt and problems encountered to be exchanged and debated, it alerts us more quickly to problems and brings to many households around the world visions and information which hopefully spur us to action.
    Carol Bellamy

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