What is another word for teleost?

Pronunciation: [tˈɛlɪˌɒst] (IPA)

Teleost, commonly known as bony fish, is a term that describes a vast majority of fish species. Some of the synonyms for teleost include actinopterygians, ray-finned fishes, and spiny-finned fish. Actinopterygians is derived from the Greek words "actinos" which means "ray" and "pteryx" which means "fin." Ray-finned fish is a term that describes the structure of the fins, where the fins are supported by bony spines called rays. Spiny-finned fish also describes the bony spines in the fins of these fish species. These synonyms are commonly used in scientific literature and are important to understand when studying or discussing bony fish.

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Usage examples for Teleost

In the sea, whales, sharks, and teleost fishes of modern types rule in the stead of huge swimming reptiles.
"The Elements of Geology"
William Harmon Norton

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