What is another word for telocentric chromosome?

Pronunciation: [tˌɛlə͡ʊsˈɛntɹɪk kɹˈə͡ʊməsˌə͡ʊm] (IPA)

A telocentric chromosome is a type of chromosome where the centromere is located at the terminal end. There are variations in the structure of chromosomes and some other synonyms for telocentric chromosomes are acrocentric, submetacentric, and metacentric chromosomes. Acrocentric chromosomes have a centromere located close to the end but not at the very end. Submetacentric chromosomes have a centromere slightly off-center, while metacentric chromosomes have a central position for their centromere. Studying and understanding different types of chromosomes and their variations can help in gaining insights about genetic diseases and inherited traits. Different types of chromosomes play significant roles during meiosis and mitosis, and maintaining proper chromosome structure is crucial for healthy biological functions.

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