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Titer is a term commonly used to describe the concentration of a substance in a solution. However, there are several synonyms for this term, including titre, titer value, and antibody titer. The term titre is often used in chemistry to describe the endpoint of a titration, while titer value can refer to the amount of virus present in a sample. Antibody titer is a measure of the concentration of antibodies in the blood, which can indicate the body's immune response to a disease or vaccination. Overall, these synonyms for titer provide scientists and researchers with a variety of ways to describe the concentration of substances in a solution, making communication and research more accurate and precise.

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How to use "Titer" in context?

The word "titer" comes from the Greek word titers which means "a measure of the quantity of a virus in a serum or other solution." Titers are most commonly used to measure the amount of viruses in human blood. They are also used to measure the amount of bacteria in water or food. Titers are measured in units called "virusses per milliliter.

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