What is another word for tree of heaven?

Pronunciation: [tɹˈiː ɒv hˈɛvən] (IPA)

Tree of Heaven is a common name for a plant species known scientifically as Ailanthus altissima. There are several synonyms for Tree of Heaven, depending on the location and context of its use. Some of the most common synonyms include Chinese Sumac, Stink Tree, and Strangling Tree. Other alternative names for the Tree of Heaven include the Paradise Tree, Ghetto Palm, and Tree of the Gods. In some regions, the Tree of Heaven is also called copal tree, varnish tree, or bitter ash. It is essential to understand the various synonyms for the Tree of Heaven to avoid confusion and enable accurate communication.

Synonyms for Tree of heaven:

What are the hypernyms for Tree of heaven?

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What are the hyponyms for Tree of heaven?

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