What is another word for treehopper?

Pronunciation: [tɹˈiːhɒpə] (IPA)

A treehopper is an insect that commonly resides in trees and feeds on plant sap. They typically have a unique and distinct shape that resembles a thorn or a knob on a tree branch. Synonyms for treehopper include thorn bug, sharpshooter bug, and tree crab. The thorn bug gets its name due to its thorn-like appearance and the sharpshooter bug is so-called due to the way it propels itself from tree to tree. The term tree crab comes from treehoppers' ability to scuttle across tree branches like a crab. While all these synonyms refer to the same insect, they each highlight unique features and behaviors of the treehopper.

Synonyms for Treehopper:

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