What is another word for typist?

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A typist is a person who is skilled in typing. There are several synonyms for the word "typist" such as keyboarder, typewriter operator, word processor, keyboard specialist, and keyboard wizard. These synonyms are appropriate for different contexts, but they all refer to someone who is proficient in typing. A keyboarder is someone who uses a keyboard to input data. A typewriter operator is someone who operates a typewriter. A word processor is someone who uses a computer to input data. A keyboard specialist is someone who is highly skilled in typing and uses a keyboard for data input. A keyboard wizard is someone who is a master at typing and can type with great speed and accuracy.

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    How to use "Typist" in context?

    1. typists work in offices and other places where writing is needed. They use a keyboard to type letters and other text. Typists are usually responsible for preparing documents for submission or for sending emails.

    2. Typists need to have good dexterity because they need to use their hands to type quickly. They need to be able to work in a quiet environment, since they need to be able to hear the keyboard clicks and the computer beeps.

    3. Typists usually start their careers as secretaries. After acquiring the necessary skills, they may move up the ladder to become typists.

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