What is another word for tyrolean alps?

Pronunciation: [tˌa͡ɪɹə͡ʊlˈi͡ən ˈalps] (IPA)

The Tyrolean Alps are a magnificent mountain range in Southern Europe, offering breathtaking views and countless outdoor activities. If you're searching for a synonym for the Tyrolen Alps, you may consider using some alternatives, such as the Austrian Alps, the Bavarian Alps, the South Tyrolean Alps, or the Dolomites. Each of these synonym options highlights different aspects of the region. The Austrian Alps are a more general term for the mountain range that covers much of Austria, while the Bavarian Alps specifically refer to the alpine region of Germany. The South Tyrolean Alps are located in Northern Italy, while the Dolomites, also in Italy, are a UNESCO World Heritage site with stunning peaks and rock formations.

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