What is another word for uke?

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The word "uke" is commonly used to refer to a small, four-stringed musical instrument. However, there are several other synonyms that can be used to describe this instrument. Some of the most popular synonyms include ukulele, ukelele, and ukele. Other less commonly used synonyms include banjolele, guitalele, and mandolin-banjo. Each of these synonyms describes a similar instrument that is played in a similar style, but may have minor differences in size or construction. Regardless of the synonym used, the uke remains a beloved instrument that is embraced by musicians of all levels and backgrounds.

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    Uke is a musical instrument that belongs to the guitar family. It is also known by some other names like ukulele or "uke" for short. This four-stringed instrument is widely used in Hawaiian music, but it has also become popular worldwide. When we talk about antonyms for the word "uke," it depends on the context. If we are referring to musical instruments, the antonyms for uke could be drums, piano, violin, trumpet, or any other instrument that is not a ukulele. However, if we use "uke" to mean a failure or flop, its antonyms could be success, triumph, or achievement.

    Usage examples for Uke

    Sometimes they overlapped each other, and rose uke an immense staircase.
    "Hyacinth 1906"
    George A. Birmingham
    Although there are, as we are informed, modernized Mennonists now in Holland, at Amsterdam, for example, who are distinguished for luxury in their tables, their equipages and their country seats, yet a sub-section of the community known as uke-Wallists, from one uke Walles, adhere to the primitive strictness enjoined by Menno.
    "Toronto of Old"
    Henry Scadding

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