What is another word for Unbearded?

Pronunciation: [ʌnbˈi͡ədɪd] (IPA)

Unbearded, an adjective often associated with men lacking facial hair, can be substituted by various synonyms that capture this description. One option is "clean-shaven", which refers to a smooth and bare face. "Smooth-faced" can also convey the absence of facial hair effectively. Another synonym worth considering is "clean-faced", emphasizing a fresh and unobstructed countenance. Furthermore, "baby-faced" portrays a youthful appearance with no sign of beard growth. In a more casual tone, one may use "razor-edged" to describe a face devoid of any stubble. Ultimately, these synonyms provide a range of alternatives to describe someone who lacks the characteristic of having a beard.

What are the opposite words for Unbearded?

Unbearded means lacking a beard or being smooth-faced. Its antonyms are bearded, hairy, fuzzy, and stubbly. A bearded person has hair growing from the cheeks, chin or along the jawline, while a hairy person may have hair covering their head and face. Fuzzy means covered with hair or fur, while stubble is short and prickly hair that grows on the face after shaving. All these antonyms of "unbearded" denote a form of facial hair growth, and many people choose to grow them as part of their identity or personal style. Whether you're a beard enthusiast or prefer to remain unbearded, these antonyms give you a range of options to express yourself.

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