What is another word for unlinking?

Pronunciation: [ʌnlˈɪŋkɪŋ] (IPA)

When it comes to unlinking, it's important to know the various synonyms that can be used in place of the word. Some common synonyms for unlinking include detaching, disconnecting, separating, disengaging, and uncoupling. These words all convey the same general idea of breaking a connection or relationship between two things. They can be used in a variety of contexts, such as computers (unlinking files), relationships (unlinking oneself from a toxic partner), or even physical objects (unlinking a chain). By understanding different synonyms for unlinking, you can express yourself more clearly and accurately in your writing and conversation.

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What are the opposite words for unlinking?

The term "unlinking" refers to the process of separating or deactivating a link between two entities. The antonyms for unlinking would thus relate to connecting or linking actions. These include terms such as joining, connecting, merging, combining, attaching, linking, bonding, or integrating. Each antonym represents a different type of relationship, and when used appropriately, it can enhance communication and understanding between individuals. For example, when two people are joining forces or combining their efforts, they are working towards a common goal. Understanding these opposite meanings for "unlinking" can broaden vocabulary and facilitate clearer communication.

What are the antonyms for Unlinking?

Usage examples for Unlinking

Aristide Pujol, unlinking himself from this unattractive female, advanced and saluted me with considerable deference.
"The Joyous Adventures of Aristide Pujol"
William J. Locke

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