What is another word for untethered?

Pronunciation: [ʌntˈɛðəd] (IPA)

Untethered is an adjective that describes something that is not anchored or tied down. It can refer to both physical objects and abstract concepts. Some synonymous phrases for untethered are unbound, free, unrestrained, unattached, disconnected, and unmoored. These words all imply a sense of liberation or detachment from restrictions or limitations. For example, an untethered balloon floats freely in the sky, while an untethered mind is free to think and imagine without inhibition. Using synonyms for untethered can add variety and nuance to your writing, helping to paint a more vivid and evocative picture.

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What are the opposite words for untethered?

The words that are antonyms of "untethered" are the ones that imply attachment or connection. Some possible antonyms include tethered, tied, connected, grounded, anchored, fixed, moored, secured, fastened, and bonded. These antonyms suggest a sense of stability, safety, or control, which is in contrast to the feeling of being untethered, which connotes a lack of constraint, direction, or support. In different contexts, different antonyms may be more appropriate. For example, in a nautical setting, moored or anchored may be more relevant than fastened or fixed. Similarly, in a technological or emotional sense, connected or bonded may imply the opposite of untethered.

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Usage examples for Untethered

Creasy moved away as he finished speaking, untethered his pony, threw an old saddle across its back, and without further remark rode off in the direction of the village, while Neale and Betty turned back to Scarnham.
"The Chestermarke Instinct"
J. S. Fletcher
She untethered the ram, and with the help of Pelias drew it to the vat.
"The Golden Fleece and the Heroes who Lived Before Achilles"
Padraic Colum
As for the poets, there is but one among so many of their bells that seems to toll with a spiritual music so loud as to be unforgotten when the mind goes up a little higher than the earth, to listen in thought to earth's untethered sounds.
Alice Meynell

Famous quotes with Untethered

  • "Teachers and writers share a responsibility to create the next generation of readers. We need to create and cultivate in our classrooms a dialectic of intellect and intuition, of mental attention and sensory engagement. In poetry, intellectual-ity without physicality becomes dull and barren, just as intuition untethered by intellect quickly becomes sloppy and subjective. We need to augment methodology with magic" (36).
    Dana Gioia

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