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Pronunciation: [ˈɜːbənˌɪzəm] (IPA)

Urbanism, the study and practice of planning and organizing cities, is a multi-faceted field that encompasses various sub-disciplines. Synonyms for urbanism include town planning, city design, urban planning, urban design, and landscape architecture. Town planning refers to the analysis, interpretation, and formulation of policies pertaining to the spatial arrangement of settlements and their infrastructure. Similarly, urban planning involves the development and implementation of plans and policies to ensure sustainable and equitable growth and development of urban areas. Urban design, on the other hand, focuses on enhancing the overall quality of urban environments through the design of public spaces, buildings, and infrastructure. Lastly, landscape architecture involves the planning and design of outdoor spaces, including parks, plazas, and waterfronts.

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  • The themes of New Age politics were first articulated in the late 1970s by Mark Satin, who had fled the Vietnam War draft for Canada. There it dawned on him that "the ideas and energies from the various 'fringe' movements – feminist, ecological, spiritual, human potential and the like – were beginning to come together in a new way." Drawing on decentralist and feminist theories of the early 1970s, Satin's called for an escape from the "six-sided prison": patriarchism [], egocentricity, scientism, bureaucracy, nationalism and urbanism. In its place Satin advocated a "third force" which would transcend the traditional divisions between Marxism and capitalism, liberalism and conservatism, Democrats and Republicans. Still seeking that synthesis, Satin publishes the Washington-based newsletter "New Options," which has criticized both the Sandinistas and Reagan's policy in Central America while searching for a "different" ground from pro-life and pro-choice forces on the abortion issue.
    Mark Satin

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