What is another word for valet parking?

Pronunciation: [vˈale͡ɪ pˈɑːkɪŋ] (IPA)

Valet parking, a service provided by car enthusiasts and butlers alike, is a luxurious amenity for people in need of convenience when parking their vehicle. However, when you're in search for alternatives in word choice, some synonyms for valet parking come to mind. One replacement term for this service is "concierge parking," which implies a similar level of attention and convenience. Another possible word you could use is "attendant parking," which highlights the role of the person responsible for taking care of the vehicle. Finally, you might consider "curbside parking," which refers to parking a vehicle right outside the entrance to a building, often utilized by hotels.

Synonyms for Valet parking:

What are the hypernyms for Valet parking?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.
  • Other hypernyms:

    hospitality service, automotive service, parking service.

What are the hyponyms for Valet parking?

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  • hyponyms for valet parking (as nouns)

Famous quotes with Valet parking

  • (About valet parking in Atlanta and parking the car himself) He jumped out of his truck and he gets militant. And he jumps in front of my Range Rover and puts a hand on it, he puts his hands on the hood and he goes "Nobody parks their own car in this parking lot! I park the cars in this parking lot!" Well, I rolled down my window and very politely said, "Get out my fucking way!" He goes "Nobody talks to me like that! You can't park your car in this parking lot!" And I said "FUCK YOU!". He goes "I'm calling the police. What's your first and last name?" "It's Fuck You. It's F-u-c-k CAPITAL Y-O-U! Fuck you, that's my name." He gets on his radio and calls the Dalai Lama of all parking lot attendants, who calls squealing up in his little red truck. Apparently, they give 'em to 'em. He hopes outta the truck like he's gonna do something. He immediately recognizes me and you see this big "Oh shit!" wash over his face. He literally shoves this kid outta the way and starts apologizing. He said, "Mr. White. I am sorry." I said, "Listen, this kid's not doing his job. He's an insolent little piece of shit. He needs to have his ass reamed." He goes, "Mr. White, he's gonna have his ass reamed by me and my boss and my boss' boss." And I was like, "Well, I had no idea the chain of command went that deep in the parking lot business..."
    Ron White

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