What is another word for vital impulse?

Pronunciation: [vˈa͡ɪtə͡l ˈɪmpʌls] (IPA)

The term "vital impulse" refers to the essential drive that sustains life. Synonyms for this concept include life force, vital energy, animating spirit, and primal instinct. Other terms that can be used to describe the driving force behind living organisms include vital spark, animus, chi, and elan vital. Each of these descriptors emphasizes the power and strength that lies within every living thing, fueling growth, development, and survival. Whether we call it vital impulse, life force, or something else altogether, this concept remains essential to our understanding of what it means to be alive.

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Famous quotes with Vital impulse

  • It seems to me imperative to re-establish the true dualism—that between vital impulse and vital control—and to this end to affirm the higher will first of all as a psychological fact. The individual needs, however, to go beyond this fact if he is to decide how far he is to exercise control in any particular instance with a primary view to his own happiness: in short, he needs standards. To secure standards, at least critically, he cannot afford, like the Rousseauist, to disparage the intellect.
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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