What is another word for impetus?

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Impetus, referring to the force that propels or drives something forward, is an essential word in English language. There are numerous synonyms for the word impetus, including stimulus, momentum, incentive, push, driving force, boost, catalyst, spark, spur, and impulsion. The term stimulus refers to a trigger or incitement that sets a process in motion. Momentum is the force or energy that allows something to maintain its motion. Incentive is something that motivates or encourages someone or something to act. Push is a force exerted upon something to cause it to move forward. Driving force and catalyst refer to something that creates or accelerates progress. Boost means to increase or improve something, while impulsion and spur indicate a sudden impulse or encouragement to act.

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How to use "Impetus" in context?

What is impetus? Simply put, it is what gives an object or force the power to move. In everyday language, it is often used when explaining why something happens- such as why a person walks or a ball bounces.

In the Physical Sciences, impetus is used to explain the motion of objects and particles. For example, when you throw a rock into a river, the rock's momentum (the impetus it has) is what causes it to skip across the surface of the river. The momentum of the rock is what keeps it moving even after you let go.

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