What is another word for volitionally?

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[ vəlˈɪʃənə͡li], [ vəlˈɪʃənə‍li], [ v_ə_l_ˈɪ_ʃ_ə_n_əl_i]

Volitionally means done by choice or willingly. Some synonyms for volitionally include intentionally, deliberately, purposefully, consciously, freely, and decisively. These words all imply that the action was done with intent and not out of obligation or compulsion. Other synonyms for volitionally include of one's own accord, on purpose, with determination, and by design. These words all convey the idea that the action was taken with a specific goal in mind, rather than being driven by external factors. Whatever word you choose to use, the important thing is to convey the idea that the action was taken willingly and with a clear purpose.

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    Synonyms for Volitionally:

    How to use "Volitionally" in context?

    Volitionally can mean "of one's own free will," "pursuant to own desires or intentions," or "with intentional disregard for consequences." In general, it implies that the person doing something is choosing to do it, rather than being forced to do it.

    For some, volitionally may connote guilt or morality. For others, it may simply reflect a personal preference. For example, some people may prefer to exercise at home rather than in a fitness center, because doing so volitionally denotes a level of commitment and effort that they feel proud of.

    Ultimately, volitionally means something different for everyone.

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