What is another word for waddle?

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Waddle is an amusing word that describes the way a duck or a penguin moves, characterized by a clumsy, swinging gait. There are a few synonyms for waddle, such as hobble, shuffle, lumber, toddle, and totter. Hobble is a similar action where someone walks with difficulty due to injury or pain. Shuffle also describes a slow, dragging walk, but with less emphasis on the swaying motion. Lumber implies a heavy, slow and awkward movement. Toddlers often take tiny, uncertain steps, tottering often describes this kind of movement. These synonyms, while not interchangeable, all convey a sense of slow, clumsy movement - perfect for describing an animal's waddle.

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How to use "Waddle" in context?

Waddle refers to the curving motion made by a person when they are walking, and it is most noticeable when the person is moving their arms in a pendulum-like motion. It is believed that the name originated from the Dutch word waddelen, which means "to move like a duck." In English, the word waddle is often used informally to describe someone or something who is unsteady on their feet.

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