What is another word for wandering albatross?

Pronunciation: [wˈɒndəɹɪŋ ˈalbɐtɹˌɒs] (IPA)

The wandering albatross, a majestic seabird with a wingspan of up to 11 feet, is also known by several other names. One such synonym is the snowy albatross, due to its white plumage. Another is the white-winged albatross, as the bird's wings are predominantly white with dark tips. The term "gibson's albatross" is also sometimes used, named after the British ornithologist who first described the species. The term "roaring forties" albatross is occasionally used as the bird is known for its presence in the Southern Ocean's often-turbulent Roaring Forties winds. Regardless of the name used, the wandering albatross remains a symbol of nature's beauty and power.

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