What is another word for war-horses?

Pronunciation: [wˈɔːhˈɔːsɪz] (IPA)

War-horses are strong and powerful animals that have been trained for combat purposes. These horses have played a significant role in various wars throughout history. The term "war-horses" can be replaced with synonyms such as battle steeds, charger, destrier, armored horses, or cavalry mounts. These words are used to describe a horse that has been trained for the battlefield and is used to carry warriors into battle. The use of these synonyms can add depth to literature and historical accounts, providing a richer understanding of the role that these magnificent animals have played in human conflict.

What are the hypernyms for War-horses?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with War-horses

  • I have called these animals , borrowing an old word for war-horses. I've given them clawed feet instead of hoofs because I think the genetic engineers will give them claws too. The horse's hoofs seem to be an evolutionary mistake. To speak in Lamarckian terms, the horse has lengthened its legs by standing on its toes until it has ended up standing on one toenail. [...] Cheetahs, wolves, and greyhounds all have nonretractile claws that serve them as their spikes serve runners and baseball players. Racehorses could not run as fast as they do if they did not wear aluminum or magnesium shoes.
    Gene Wolfe
  • Like gay-hued leaves after an autumn storm, the fallen littered the plain; the sinking sun shimmered on burnished helmets, gilt-worked mail, silver breastplates, broken swords and the heavy regal folds of silken standards, overthrown in pools of curdling crimson. In silent heaps lay war-horses and their steel-clad riders, flowing manes and blowing plumes stained alike in the red tide. About them and among them, like the drift of a storm, were strewn slashed and trampled bodies in steel caps and leather jerkins...
    Robert E. Howard

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