What is another word for Waugh?

2 synonyms found


[ w_ˈɔː], [ wˈɔː], [ wˈɔː]

Synonyms for Waugh:

Waugh (noun)

Rhymes for Waugh:

  1. foresaw, awe, saw, squaw, gnaw, haw, caw, straw, flaw, macaw, shaw, mcgraw, maw, craw, claw, jaw, guffaw, paw, withdraw, chaw, daw, slaw, yaw, aw, draw, thaw;

Quotes for Waugh:

  1. Lara's done very well recently and I never had any doubts about the abilities of Lara or Waugh Sachin Tendulkar.

Adjectives for Waugh:

  • brave.