What is another word for weeklong?

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Weeklong is an adjective that is often used to describe events, vacations, or activities that last for an entire week. However, if you're looking for an alternative way to express the concept of "weeklong", there are several other synonyms that you can use. These include words such as seven-day, week-spanning, full-week, and seven-night. Each of these synonyms conveys the idea of something that lasts for a period of seven consecutive days. Additionally, you could also use phrases such as "lasting for a week" or "taking up an entire week" to describe something that is happening for a week.

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What are the opposite words for weeklong?

The word "weeklong" refers to something that lasts for the duration of a week or seven days. When we talk about antonyms for weeklong, we are looking for words that mean the opposite of this term. Some antonyms of the word weeklong are "daily," "hourly," "momentary," "perpetual," "instant," and "ceaseless." These antonyms convey a sense of time that is shorter than a week or even timeless. For example, "instant" refers to something that happens immediately, whereas "perpetual" refers to something that is everlasting. By using antonyms for weeklong in our writing, we can add variety and depth to our language.

What are the antonyms for Weeklong?

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