What is another word for whine?

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Whine is a word used to describe an unpleasant sound that is usually made by someone or something that is complaining or unhappy. There are several synonyms for the term, including nag, grumble, whimper, and whinge. Nag refers to someone persistently complaining and is often used to describe a person who is criticizing or finding fault in everything. Grumble is similar to whine and describes a low, inarticulate sound that is made by someone who is unhappy. Whimper, on the other hand, describes a weak and feeble sound made by a person who is crying softly, while whinge refers to a complaint that is persistent and annoying.

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How to use "Whine" in context?

Whining is a repetitive complaining sound, typically made by a child, pet, or animal. It is characterised by a high-pitched tone and excessive use of the voice. Whining can be an effective form of communication, but when it becomes excessively loud or persistent, it can irritate or annoy the listener.

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