What is another word for workhorse?

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Workhorse, typically describes something which is dependable and can churn out a lot of work. Synonyms for workhorse include dependable, reliable, sturdy, tough, strong, hardworking, diligent, tireless, persistent, indefatigable, and unflagging. Other synonyms for workhorse could be dependable assistant, reliable backup, efficient partner, or hardworking team player. In a professional environment, the term workhorse could be used to describe an individual who is highly productive and consistent, or even a department or piece of equipment that is relied upon to carry out essential tasks. Whatever the context may be, workhorse is an embodiment of reliability, efficiency, and consistency.

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    The term "workhorse" is often used to describe a vehicle or machine that is able to perform a wide variety of tasks and is reliable. Vehicles that are considered workhorses often have a high fuel economy, are able to handle a lot of weight, and are easy to service. They are often used for transportation, logging, farming, and construction.

    The Ford Taurus is a classic example of a workhorse vehicle. The Ford Taurus was originally designed as a family sedan, but it has been used in a variety of industries over the years.

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