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Xantusiidae is a family of lizards belonging to the infraorder Scincomorpha. This family includes over 60 species, all of which have small, slender bodies and smooth scales. Although there are no direct synonyms for Xantusiidae, it is sometimes referred to as "night lizards" or "desert lizards" due to their nocturnal habits and preference for arid habitats. Xantusiidae are found primarily in the southwestern United States and Mexico, and are known for their ability to survive in harsh and dry environments. Some popular species in this family include the Banded Night Lizard, the Gilbert's Skink, and the Granite Night Lizard.

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Xantusiidae is a family of beetles in the subfamily Lamiinae, containing the following genera:

Apate (genus Apate)

Bellator (genus Bellator)

Dyspterus (genus Dyspterus)


Linnaeus, in 1758, erected the family Xantusiidae. He chose the name in honor of the Flemish entomologist, Conrad Gesner (1516-1565), who first described this group of beetles in his landmark work, Symbolae entomologicae.

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