What is another word for zalophus?

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[ zˈalɒfəs], [ zˈalɒfəs], [ z_ˈa_l_ɒ_f_ə_s]

Zalophus is a genus of sea lion that includes two species, the California sea lion and the Galápagos sea lion. There are various synonyms for Zalophus such as Otaria, Eumetopias, and Neophoca. Otaria is another genus of sea lion that is closely related to Zalophus. Eumetopias is the genus name of the Steller sea lion, which is the largest of all sea lions. Neophoca is a genus of fur seals that are also closely related to the sea lions. Though they may have different names, these species share many similar physical features and behaviors such as their loud barking calls and their love for swimming in the ocean.

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