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[dˈuː], [dˈuː], [d_ˈuː]

Synonyms for Do:

act (verb)

act, appear, behave, comport, conduct, endeavor, enterprise, execute, exercise, function, labor, move, officiate, operate, perform, perpetrate, react, transact, work.

behave (verb)

deport, practice, proceed.

venture (verb)

campaign, initiate, maneuver, pursue, scheme, undertake, venture.

Other synonyms and related words:

accomplish, accomplishment, achieve, achievement, act, action, adventure, answer, answer the purpose, attain, avail, be good enough, be of use, beat out, behest, bestead, bidding, bilk, bite, blowout, bout, breed, bring about, bring to effect, bring to pass, carry into execution, carry out, chouse, clear up, come on, command, commandment, compass, complete, consummate, cook, coup, course, cover, create, daddle, deed, diddle, discharge, do one's office, do up brown, doing, effect, effectuate, effort, enact, explain, exploit, fa, fare, feat, festival, festive occasion, festivity, fetch, fiesta, figure out, fill the bill, find out, find the answer, find the solution, finish, flam, flimflam, fob, fulfil, fulfill, gala, gala affair, generate, geste, get, get along, get on, get right, go, go at, go on, go over, great doings, gudgeon, gum, have the goodness, hest, hit, hocus, hocus-pocus, hornswoggle, inure, jamboree, jockey, just do, make, make out, manage, measure, meet, meet requirements, mi, mot d'ordre, mump, occasion, order, overpass, pass over, passage, perambulate, peregrinate, performance, please, pray, pray do, prepare, prithee, proceeding, produce, puzzle out, qualify, realize, resolve, satisfy, say-so, sell, serve, serve one's turn, serve the purpose, set at rest, sol, solve, step, stroke, stunt, suffice, thing, thing done, touch, track, transaction, travel over, traverse, turn, visit, will, will you, word, word of command, work out.

Rhymes for Do:

  1. grew, shoe, moo, chew, new, flue, brew, pew, yew, shew, coup, hue, wu, cue, gnu, slew, knew, blew, queue, jew, view, two, dew, shrew, sue, coo, mew, u, spew, pu, skew, strew, boo, goo, gu, too, rue, screw, sioux, woo, lieu, flu, few, lu, ru, shoo, clue, stew, drew, loo, zoo, chou, who, bleu, due, thew, ku, crew, true, blue, threw, through, hew, glue, yue, zhou;
  2. ado, accrue, bamboo, adieu, baku, outdo, taboo, cebu, debut, imbue, askew, anew, tatu, renew, redo, pursue, ague, ensue, construe, subdue, undo, fondue, unglue, canoe, babu, review, miscue, undue, revue, withdrew, eschew, wahoo, peru, untrue;
  3. kangaroo, hitherto, misconstrue, iou, overthrew, depardieu, overdo, overdue, katmandu;
  4. hullabaloo;

Quotes for Do:

  1. Getting older, I realize I've had a very fortunate life. I've had a budget that's allowed me to do just about any silly little thing the mind could conjure up, and I'm still alive and here. Rick Danko.
  2. New Orleans has to learn to live with water rather than in fear of water, and we need a master plan that shows us how to do this. It's so critical that we send a signal to everyone in the country that we're serious about rebuilding New Orleans. Billy Tauzin.
  3. You can't do a machine without knowing something about how it's going to work. As for the romantics, the costumes bored me and I don't enjoy doing period clothes. Boris Vallejo.

Idioms of Do:

  1. How do you like that?;
  2. grow to do
  3. Suppose I do?