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[kɹiːˈe͡ɪt], [kɹiːˈe‍ɪt], [k_ɹ_iː__ˈeɪ_t]

Synonyms for Create:

begin (verb)

begin, birth, bud, commence, conceive, dawn, develop, embark, emerge, form, germinate, hatch, inaugurate, induct, initialize, initiate, introduce, originate, prepare, spring, sprout, start, stem, undertake.

create (verb)

build, construct, fabricate, formulate, generate, invent, make, produce.

father (verb)

engender, father, found, procreate, sire.

imagine (verb)

brainstorm, consider, contemplate, daydream, design, envision, fantasize, ideate, imagine, observe, opine, perceive, plan, reflect, suppose, theorize, think.

originate (verb)


produce (verb)

cultivate, execute, manufacture, mother.

Other synonyms and related words:

accomplish, achieve, acquire, act, actualize, actuate, afford pleasure, allure, amount to, amuse, appetize, arrange, arrive at, ascertain, ask for, assemble, attain, attract, author, be conducive to, be the cause, bear, beget, being into being, blaze the trail, block out, break ground, break the ice, breed, bring, bring about, bring forth, bring in, bring into being, bring into existence, bring on, bring out, bring pain, bring to effect, bring to pass, bring up, broach, call for, call forth, call into being, call up, carry off, carry out, carve, carve out, cast, cause, cause desire, cause laughter, cause pain, cause pleasure, cause to be, chisel, clear, coin, compose, compound, conceit, conceptualize, concoct, conjure, conjure up, constitute, contribute to, contrive, convulse with laughter, cook up, craft, create pleasure, created, creation, cut, decree, delineate, demand, depict, develop into, devise, discover, divert, do, draft, draw, draw up, dream, dream up, earn, effect, effectuate, efform, elaborate, elicit, enact, engage in, engineer, enliven, entertain, envisage, erect, establish, evoke, evolve, excite, excite desire, excite laughter, experience imaginatively, express, extrude, fancy, fantasise, farm, fashion, fecundate, fictionalize, figure, fix, force, forge, formalize, frame, fudge together, fulfil, gain, gestate, get, get to, give, give birth to, give birth to, give form, give form to, give life to, give occasion to, give origin to, give pain, give pleasure, give rise, give rise to, give shape, give shape to, go into, govern, grow, hasten, have, head, head up, hew, hit, hit upon, hold out allurement, hold out temptation, hurt, impel, implement, impregnate, improvise, incite, indite, induce, induce pain, inflict pain, innovate, insbe the cause, inspire, invest, invoke, kick off, kindle, knead, launch, lay down, lay out, lead, lead off, lead the way, lead to, lick into shape, make a requisition, make happen, make out, make over, make productive, make something new, make up, make water, make-believe, making, manage, map out, mastermind, mature, mediate, meditate on, micturate, mint, model, mold, mould, moulder, mouldy, move, n of, necessitate, necessity for, nominate, obtain, occasion, occasion laughter, occasion pain, offer pleasure, open, open up, ordain, organise, organize, outline, output, pain, parent, pass water, patch together, pen, perform, picture, piece, piece together, pioneer, plot, ponder, portray, precede, prefabricate, present pleasure, preserve, pretend, procure pleasure, produce an original, produce laughter, produce pain, produce pleasure, progenerate, progress to, prompt, propagate, propel, provide, provoke, provoke desire, pull together, pull-in, put forth, put in requisition, put out, put through, put together, quicken, raise, raise a smile, raise desire, raise laughter, realise, realize, rear, reconstruct, relieve oneself, render, render necessary, repair, represent, reproduce, result in, revolutionize, rough out, roughcast, roughhew, scheme, script, sculpt, sculpture, secure, seduce, send, set, set afloat, set in motion, set on foot, set to music, set up, sham, shape, sign, sketch, smelt, spark, spawn, spearhead, spend a penny, spin, spin off, stamp, stand first, stimulate, strategize, style, suscitate, sustain, tailor, take, take a leak, take one's fancy, take place, take the initiative, take the lead, take the plunge, take-in, tantalize, tempt, thermoform, think of, think up, tickle the fancy, titillate, trigger, turn, twist, uphold, upraise, uprear, visualize, warrant, weave, whet the appetite, whip up, whomp up, will, work, work out, work up, wound, wreak, write, yield, yield pleasure.

Rhymes for Create:

  1. hate, gate, straight, bait, skate, freight, trait, prate, great, fete, mate, plate, late, bate, gait, spate, plait, state, date, weight, sate, rate, tate, grate, eight, strait, crate, pate, fate, slate, wait, ate;
  2. estate, negate, inflate, misstate, dictate, berate, innate, debate, predate, elate, equate, await, oblate, lightweight, est, sedate, abate, deflate, gestate, translate, collate, conflate, kuwait, postdate, irate, restate, dilate, relate, prorate, ornate;
  3. overrate, desecrate, procreate, solid-state, interstate, reinstate, overweight, conjugate, intrastate, underrate;
  4. remunerate, interrelate;

Quotes for Create:

  1. By offering an education centered on values, the faculty in Catholic schools can create an interactive setting between parents and students that is geared toward long -term healthy character and scholastic development for all enrolled children. Mark Foley.
  2. I will never be able to create a budget from scratch with the amount of time that I have, but my instructions remain the same: Give me a budget that has no new revenue. Christine Gregoire.
  3. True revolutionaries are like God- they create the world in their own image. Our awesome responsibility to ourselves, to our children, and to the future is to create ourselves in the image of goodness, because the future depends on the nobility of our imaginings. Barbara Grizzuti Harrison.

Idioms of Create:

  1. create a stink;
  2. create an uproar;
  3. create/ kick up/ raise a stink;