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[kˈan], [kˈan], [k_ˈa_n]

Synonyms for Can:

container (noun)

bag, barrel, basket, belly, bin, bladder, bottle, bowl, box, bucket, cabinet, case, cask, chest, closet, container, crate, cup, cupboard, decanter, drawer, drum, flask, holder, jar, jug, ladle, locker, pocket, pot, pouch, purse, receptacle, repository, reservoir, sack, shelf, stomach, storage, suitcase, tank, tray, trunk, vat, vault, wallet.

preservation (noun)

archive, asylum, bank, conservation, embalming, freezing, library, mummification, preservation, quick-freeze, refrigeration, sanctuary.

receptacle (noun)

caddy, canister, crock, hopper, magazine, pail, pitcher, saucer.

preserve (verb)

conserve, embalm, freeze, marinate, mummify, petrify, preserve, refrigerate.

Other synonyms and related words:

Archaicbridewell, BM, Bastille, Borstal, Bridewell, CHE approved school, Calaboose, Git, Jerry, Johnny, Jordan, Military ablutions, Military brig, Military glasshouse, Military guardhouse, Militaryglasshouse, New England necessary, Patella, Quod, WC, abide, able, able to, acquire, adroit, advise, after part, aim, alembic, all right, allow, almost, aluminum, am able to, amaze, amphora, ampoule, anyhow, anyway, apprise, apprize, approximately, around, arouse, arrest, arrive, atomizer, attract, ax, axe, back, back end, back tooth, backhouse, backside, baffle, baggie, balance, banish, base, basement, basin, basis, batch, bath, bathroom, battleship, battlewagon, bay window, be able, be able to, be addicted to, be allowed, be allowed to, be capable of, be equal to, be permitted, be permitted to, be possible, be up to, be within one's area, be within one's control, beam, bear, beat, become, bed, bedpan, beget, begin, behind, bell, belong to, bewilder, big gin, big house, bite, bog, bolthead, booby hatch, boot, boot out, bottom, bottomland, bounce, bowlful, box up, boys' room, breadbox, break, breech, brig, bright, bring, bring forth, brook, brush aside, brush off, bugger off, bum, bump, buns, buoy, burden, burn, burn down, bust, butt end, butt joint, buttocks, buzz off, cag, cake, caldron, can be, can buoy, canful, cannabis, cannabis sativa, canned, cannikin, cannister, cannot, canteen, cap, capable, capital ship, capsule, capture, caraffe, carboy, carton, cashier, casket, caster, catch, cease, certain, chalice, chamber, chamberpot, chaser, cheek, cheeks, chemical closet, chemical toilet, chiffonier, chokey, choky, chuck, cigaret, cigarette, cistern, clear, clever, clink, coffee container, coffin nail, college, come, comfort station, commence, commit, commode, community home, compensate, competent, complacent, concentrate, confinement, consummate, contribute, convenience, convey, coolbox, cooler, coop, corn, cornerstone, corporation, correctional institution, could, crapper, creamed corn container, croup, croupe, cruet, crumb, cruse, cure, cut it, cut the mustard, cylinder, dangle, dash, deal, declare void, deep-freeze, deep-six, defrock, degrade, dehydrate, dejection, demijohn, demote, deplume, depose, deprive, derriere, destroyer, detention, detention centre, develop, dexterous, digest, disbar, discard, discharge, discontinue, discount, disemploy, dish, dismiss, dispenser, displace, displume, disregard, dissolve, do, do up, do-nothing, dollop, domiciliate, draw, drive out, drop, drum out, dry, duff, dumbfound, dungeon, effective, eject, elicit, eligible, empennage, encase, encyst, end, endure, engender, enkindle, epergne, equipment, erect, estimated at, evaporate, even, eventually, evict, evoke, ewer, excellent, expel, expert, facilities, facility, faecal matter, faeces, fag end, fanny, feast, fecal matter, fetch, fifth, fill, finish, fire, fire out, firkin, flagon, flasket, flat, fleshy hindquarters, float, flock, flowerpot, flush toilet, food tin, foot, for smoking, force out, foundation, freeze-dry, freezer, freight, freighter, friendly meeting, fuck off, fundament, furlough, gage, gain, galipot, gallipot, ganja, gaol, generate, gents, get, gifted, girls' room, give notice, give someone her walking papers, give someone his, give someone the ax, give someone the gate, give someone the pink slip, give the ax, give the axe, give the boot, give the bounce, give the gate, give the heave-ho, give the sack, glass, glop, gluteus maximus, go, go off, goat, goatskin, goblet, gong, good deal, gouge, gourd, grass, great deal, green goddess, groundwork, grow, guardroom, gunboat, gutbucket, hack it, hamper, hams, has the wherewithal, hatful, haunches, have, have it made, have learned, have permission, head, heap, heap up, heinie, heretofore, hesitate, hind end, hindquarters, hitherto, homogenize, hoosegow, hoosegow big house, horn, house of correction, house of detention, how, however, hunkers, husband, idler, ignore, incur, induce, ingenious, institutional latrine, irradiation, irritate, is able, is able to, jackpot, jail, jail orgaol, jail-house, jailhouse, jakes, john, johnny house, joint, jorum, karzy, keep, keep up, keg, keister, kettle, kick, kick out, kick upstairs, kilderkin, kindle, kipper, kit, kitty, know, know how to, kyanize, lade, ladies, ladies', lady killer, latrine, laughingstock, lav, lavatory, lay off, layabout, leave immediately, let, let go, let out, lie in one's power, litter box, little boys' room, little girls' room, load, loafer, lock up, lockup, locoweed, locus, lollipop, loo, lot, lyophilize, make, make children, make it, make out, make redundant, make the grade, manage, marihuana, marijuana, mark, marker, masher, mass, matrass, may, maybe, men's, merchant ship, merchantman, mess, mickle, might, military latrine, milk churn, mint, mooring-buoy, most, mouthful, muckle, mug, must, mystify, nates, necessary, net, nevertheless, nibble, nick, nipperkin, noggin, nominate, nonetheless, notify, nugget, nun, obtain, offer, oil holder, open fire, ordure, oubliette, ought to, oust, outhouse, pack, pack away, package, parcel, pasteurize, pat, patera, pay back, pay off, peck, pen, penal institution, penitentiary, pension off, perchance, perhaps, perplex, pertain to, phial, philander, philanderer, pickle, piece of ass, pig gin, pile, pink slip, pipkin, piss pot, pissoir, place, plunder, pocket pistol, pokey, poky, politics deselect, pop top, position, posnet, possess authority, possibly, posterior, potentially, potentiometer, potty, potty chair, powder room, power of attorney, prat, preempt, prison, privy, probably, process, produce, proper, proud, provide, provoke, puke, punch bowl, puncheon, push aside, put, put forward, put-up, quarter, quicken, quite a little, radiate, raft, raise, rat, rattle, read out of, rear, rear-end, receive, receiver, record, recyclable item, reform school, reformatory, release, reliquary, remand centre, remand home, remove, replace, rest room, restroom, retire, retiring, retort, rind, rotter, roughly, rouse, rout out, rummer, rump, rundlet, rusty-dusty, sack up, salt, salver, sandbox, saucepan, screw, scum bag, season, seat, send away, send packing, send word, sens, separate forcibly, serving, sess, set about, set out, set up, shade, shadow, shadower, ship, show someone the door, show the door, shut off, sight, signal, siren, skeel, skillet, skunk, slab, slammer, smallest room, smoke, so that, so-and-so, somehow, spar-buoy, spate, squeeze out, stack, start, start out, sterilize, stern, stimulate, stinker, stinkpot, stir, stockade, stooge, stool, stop, store, stoup, stow, strip, stub, stupefy, substructure, suffer, suitable, superannuate, support, surplus, suspend, sustain, swing over, tail, tail assembly, tail end, take care of, take charge, tankard, target, tazza, terminate, the Gents, throne, throw out, thunder mug, tidy sum, tin, tin can, toilet, toilet room, toilette, tolerate, tooshie, topping, toss out, transitory, tub, tube, tuchis, tumbler, tummy, tun, tureen, turn off, tush, tushy, tyg, undergo, underside, understand, understructure, undersurface, unfrock, urinal, urn, usher out, vacuum-pack, vespasienne, vessel, vial, vision, vomit, wad, wander, washbasin, washbowl, washroom, washstand, water-closet, weed, what one likes, whole lot, whole slew, whoremaster, whoremonger, will, withal, womanizer, worms holder, would, yet.

Rhymes for Can:

  1. lan, ban, man, klan, mann, an, scan, gran, fan, van, shan, tan, span, jan, nan, clan, plan, han, pan, ran;
  2. divan, cheyenne, cezanne, cyan, bhutan, sudan, rodin, rattan, iran, pecan, began, sedan, japan;
  3. overran, kazakhstan;
  4. catamaran;

Quotes for Can:

  1. Only mediocrity can be trusted to be always at its best. Max Beerbohm.
  2. Try and understand what part you have to play in the world in which you live. There's more to life than you know and it's all happening out there. Discover what part you can play and then go for it. Ian Mckellen.
  3. We can do things the cheap way, the simple way, for the short -term and without regard for the future. Or, we can make the extra effort, do the hard work, absorb the criticism and make decisions that will cause a better future. Mike Rounds.

Idioms of Can:

  1. What can I tell you?;
  2. more than one can shake a stick at;
  3. you can bet your bottom dollar, at you can bet your life;