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[kwˈɛnt͡ʃ], [kwˈɛnt‍ʃ], [k_w_ˈɛ_n_tʃ]

Synonyms for Quench:

satisfy (verb)

allay, appease, engorge, fill, glut, gorge, gratify, sate, satiate, satisfy, saturate, slake, stuff.

Other synonyms and related words:

Burke, abate, account, advice, allay, alleviate, amuse, annihilate, annotation, answer, asphyxiate, assuage, be adequate, be enough, be sufficient, bear down, bearing, beat out, beatify, behavior, blanket, blast, bless, blow, blow to smithereens, blow up, blunt, bomb, bore, bottle up, calm, carriage, carry off, censor, check, chill, choke, choke off, chop into pieces, clamp down on, clear the docket, closure, cloy, coercion, commentary, completion, comply with, compulsion, conciliate, conclusion, conduct, confound, constraint, consume, content, continue, cool, cool off, cork, cork up, crack down on, crush, crush out, crush under foot, cut into ribbons, damp, damp down, dampen, dead, deaden, deal destruction, decay, deceased, decimate, deflect, defunct, demeanor, demolish, dense, deportment, deprecate, description, desire slake, desolate, destroy, destruct, deter, devastate, deviation, devour, dim, disaffect, discard, discourage, dishearten, disincline, disinterest, dismantle, disorganize, dispirit, dissolution, distract, divert, do, douse, dout, drain, drink, drown, dull, dumb, dump, ease, eliminate, end, ending, enliven, eradicate, explanation, explication, exterminate, extinct, extinction, extinguish, extinguish a fire, extinguishing, fatigue, feast, feed, flake, flat rate, flatter, foolish, fulfil, fulfill, gag, gentle, get rid of, gladden the heart, gruntle, harden, have, hinder, hit one's fancy, hold back, hold down, humor, hush, ideas, imbibe, immobile, inactive, indispose, indulge, inert, interpretation, jump on, kayo, keep back, keep down, keep under, knit up, lay waste, lenify, lighten, look after, look to, make mincemeat of, mash, meet, meet one's wishes, mine, mitigate, moisten, mollify, mop up, motionless, muffle, mute, muzzle, news, obscure, obtuse, out, overcome, pacification, pacify, pall, palliate, placate, pour water on, press out, prohibit, proscribe, prostrate, provide for, put, put out, put the lid on, quash, quell, quenching, quiet, ravage gut, raze, reduce, refresh, regale, rein, rejoice the heart, relieve, remove, render averse, render useless, repel, replace, repress, resolve, rest in, restrain, restraint, result, retire, ruin, sap, satisfy a thirst, satisfy one's thirst, savory, screen, serve, shake, shatter, shed, shut down, shut down on, silence, silent, sink, sit upon, sit down on, sit on, sit upon, slack, slaked, slop, slosh, slow, sluggish, smash, smother, snuff, snuff out, soak, solution, solve, speechless, splash, splosh, spoil, spring a mine, squash, squeeze, squelch, squish, stagger, stagnant, stale, stamp out, stanch, static, stay, stifle, still, stop, strangle, stub out, stultify, stun, subdue, subdued, suffice, suffocate, suppress, surfeit, swallow, swallow up, switch off, tackle, take one's fancy, taste, termination, throttle, throw a wet blanket on, throw cold water on, throw overboard, tickle, tickle one's fancy, tickle the palate, tire, tone down, trample out, trample under foot, trample underfoot, transport under guard, tread under foot, treat, turn aside, turn away, turn from, turn off, tyrannical, vanish, version, warm thebless, wean, wean from, weary, win, win the heart, wipe out, wreck.

Rhymes for Quench:

  1. french, blench, tench, wench, clench, trench, stench, bench, drench, wrench;
  2. retrench, entrench;

Quotes for Quench:

  1. Let's choose today to quench our thirst for the "good life" we thinks others lead by acknowledging the good that already exists in our lives. We can then offer the universe the gift of our grateful hearts. Sarah Ban Breathnach.
  2. He must pull out his own eyes, and see no creature, before he can say, he sees no God; He must be no man, and quench his reasonable soul, before he can say to himself, there is no God. John Donne.
  3. As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words. William Shakespeare.