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[tˈa͡ɪm], [tˈa‍ɪm], [t_ˈaɪ_m]

Synonyms for Time:

age (noun)

age, duration, eon, epoch, era, generation, lastingness, lifetime, longevity, oldness, period.

duration (noun)

aeon, course, cycle, date, interim, interval, measure, season, span, spell.

indefinite duration (noun)

eternity, forever, lapse.

point of time (noun)

century, day, decade, hour, microsecond, millennium, millisecond, minute, month, second, semester, term, week, year.

Other synonyms and related words:

Emprise, Gest, Music downbeat, Successional, Triassic, abiding, accent, accentuation, accident, accidentally, accommodate, accompany, accomplishment, acreage, actually, adjournment, adjust, advantage, aeons ago, again, again and again, ages ago, agree, agreeable, ahead, ahead of time, align, all at once, all over, all the same, all the time, all together, allot, allotment, always, amount, amplitude, anchor watch, andante, andante tempo, annus magnus, anon, antedate, antiquated, appoint, approach, apt, area, arrange, arsis, assign, assignment, at all times, at intervals, at once, at one time, at present, at times, bar, basis, be broken, be in phase, be in time, be tired, be victimized, beat, beat time, before, beforehand, behind the times, behindhand, belatedness, bell, bender, binge, bit, book, booking, bout, brannigan, breadth, break, brief, bright and early, bust, but, by-and-by, cadence, cadency, calendar, capacity, carousal, carouse, cartridge clip, cartridge holder, chance, charge, check, chore, chronological, chronology, circumstance, clear stage, clip, clipping, clock, clock time, clocking, coeval, coexist, coexistent, coextend, coincide, coincidentally, cold surface, com, compose, compotation, compound time, compress, concur, condemnation, conditions, cons do it, constantly, contemporize, continually, continuance, continuity, continuous tenure, continuously, control, convenience, conviction, crack, cretaceous, culture, currently, cycle of indiction, date line, dated, datemark, dawdle, day shift, days, dead, decent, decide, decorous, dedicate, defer, deferment, deferral, delay, depth, detain, detain someone, detainment, determine, development stage, dilly-dally, dimension, directly, distance, distant, do, dogwatch, due, duple time, during, duty, early, earmark, ease, elapse, elegant, enduring, engagement, enlistment, entr'acte, ephemera, episode, eternal, eternally, evanescent, even so, eventually, ever, everlasting, every day, every so often, everything, everywhere, exact correct time, exactly, existence, existing, experience, exploit, extent, fair field, fair game, fashionable, fateful moment, favorable, finally, fine lapping, fitting, fix, fix the time, fleet, fleeting, flood, flowers of wine, fluke, footage, for the moment, for the nonce, foregoing, former, formerly, forthwith, fourth dimension, free time, freedom, frequency, frequently, fugitive, future, futurity, gap, gauge, glacial, go, go crazy, good, goof-off time, govern, grain split, graveyard shift, great year, habits, have, heartbeat, height, heretofore, herewith, heyday, hiatus, hitch, holiday, horary, however, iconic news magazine, idle hours, ill timed, immediately, importance, in good time, in instalments, in no time, in olden days, in time, in timely fashion, in unison, incident, inconvenient, indiction, infinity, inning, innings, inopportune, inquire after, instance, instant, instantly, interlude, intermission, interruption, irregular, isochronize, jag, job, judgment of conviction, junction, juncture, just the same, kairos, keep in step, keep pace with, keep time, lacuna, lag, largo, lasting, later, latterly, legitimate, leisure, length, liberty, life, life span, lilt, linger, list, lobster trick, loiter, look, look-in, m, magazine, magnitude, manage, many a moon, many times, march tempo, mark the time, mark time, match, meanwhile, measure speed, measure time, measurement, meet by chance, meet with, melody, meridian, meter, metre, metrology, mileage, mixed times, modest, modulate, moment, moment coefficient, moment of truth, momentary, mores, morning, motif, move, much, name, nevertheless, newly, newsweek rival, night shift, nominate, nonetheless, noonday, notwithstanding, now, now and then, nowadays, o'clock, obligation, obsolescent, obsolete, occasion, occasionally, occurrence, odd moments, often, old fashioned, on account, on credit, on many occasions, on occasion, on one occasion, on terms, on the dot, on time, once, once upon, one day, one's own sweet time, opening, opportune, opportunism, opportunity, orange peel, order of business, organize, otium cum dignitate, outdated, outline, outmoded, over again, overtime, pace, page, pass, passe, passing, past, patch, pause, peak, performance, period in prison, period of time, perpetually, phase, place, plan, point, point in time, point of time, possibility, postdate, precede, preceding, precocious, predate, pregnant moment, prematurely, prescribe, present, present time, presently, presto, previous, previously, prime, prison term, pro tem, pro tempore, program, programme, prompt, promptly, proper, proper and adequate, psychological moment, pulse, punctually, put in order, put-off, quantify, quaternary, quickly, quota, rag, ragtime, rapidly, rate, readily, rearrange, recent, recess, record, rectify, register, regularize, regulate, relativistic, relaxation, relay, relief, remote, removed, repeatedly, repose, reschedule, reset, residence time, respite, responsibility, rest, restrict, retirement, rhythm, rhythmic pattern, right, right time, room, round, routine, rubato, run, say, schedule, scope, seasonable, seasonal, seedtime, semiretirement, sentence, sequential, serendipitous, serendipity, serviceable, session, set, set the time, set up, sextuple time, share, shift, shilly-shally, shot, show, siege, simple time, simultaneous, simultaneously, size, slate, slot, slow, snip, someday, sometime, sometimes, soon, sooner, space, space-time, spare hours, spare moments, spare time, spate, speed, speedily, split schedule, split shift, spread, spree, springtide, springtime, squeak, stage, state, stepping-stone, stint, stochastic, straightaway, stress pattern, stretch, subsequent, succession, successive, suitable, sunrise watch, swiftly, swing, swing shift, synchronise, synchronize, syncopation, syncope, tardily, tardiness, tardy, task, tempo, tempo rubato, temporal, temporarily, temporary, tense, tenure, tertiary, theme, thesis, things, three-quarter time, thrice, throb, throbbing, tide, time after time, time and again, time at bat, time lag, time limit, time of day, time of night, time pattern, time period, time point, time signal, time to kill, time to spare, timely, times, timetable, timing, today, together, tonnage, top grain, tour, tour of duty, track record, transitory, trick, triple time, triplet, true time, tune, turn, turn of work, twelvemonth, twinkling, two-four time, unceasingly, unlucky, untimely, upbeat, usually, vacant hour, values, very hour, very minute, very time, violent confluence, volume, wait, waiver, waltz time, watch, weight, whack, when, whet, while, width, without delay, without surcease, work shift, yardage, years ago, yet.

Rhymes for Time:

  1. grime, crime, clime, dime, climb, thyme, rime, rhyme, lime, prime, chime, slime, mime;
  2. sublime, part-time, onetime;

Quotes for Time:

  1. How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon? Dr. Seuss.
  2. I'm just there to do interviews and stuff, because we have about 40 media people there, so it's a very, very busy week. But that's the only time I did marry, I think on one show, about 25 couples in Acapulco Bay once, but that was all just for kicks. Gavin MacLeod.
  3. Of course the most difficult thing on the violin is always intonation. The second one is rhythm. If you play in tune, in time with a good sound that's already high level. Those three are the main things. Ruggiero Ricci.

Idioms of Time:

  1. A stitch in time
  2. Time hangs heavy on hands;
  3. kill time, an hour, etc.;