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[θˈɔːt], [θˈɔːt], [θ_ˈɔː_t]

Synonyms for Thought:

belief (noun)

belief, certitude, conviction, credence, creed, doctrine, dogma, faith, idea, opinion, philosophy, postulate, principle, tenet, trust, view.

calculation (noun)

account, algebra, algorithm, appraisal, approximation, arithmetic, assessment, calculation, calculus, computation, conclusion, consideration, count, deduction, determination, division, enumeration, estimation, evaluation, gauge, guess, inference, judgement, mathematics, measurement, method, multiplication, plan, plot, presumption, program, quantification, rank, reckoning, schedule, scheme, score, statistics, study, sum, supposition, system, tally, total, triangulation, valuation, value.

idea (noun)

brainstorm, concept, conception, design, ideation, image, inkling, inspiration, notion, observation, perception, reflection, theory, vision.

intellect (noun)

brain, brain-power, capacity, cerebration, comprehension, intellect, intelligence, mentality, mind, rationality, reason, reasoning, thinking, understanding.

reason (noun)

analysis, brain work, cogitation, conceptualization, induction, logic, synthesis.

thought (noun)

absorption, attention, brooding, concentration, contemplation, daydreaming, debating, deliberation, engrossment, envisioning, imagination, intellection, lucubration, meditation, musing, pondering, preoccupation, speculation, weighing, wistfulness.

calculated (verb)

accounted, added, appraised, approximated, assessed, calculated, computed, concluded, considered, counted, deduced, determined, divided, enumerated, estimated, evaluated, figured, gauged, guessed, inferred, judged, measured, multiplied, planned, plotted, presumed, programmed, quantified, quantized, ranked, rated, rationalized, reckoned, scheduled, schemed, scored, studied, summed, supposed, surmised, systematized, tallied, totaled, triangulated, valued, weighed.

imagined (verb)

brainstormed, conceived, contemplated, created, daydreamed, designed, envisioned, fantasized, imagined, invented, observed, opined, perceived, reflected, theorized.

reasoned (verb)

analyzed, cogitated, conceptualized, inducted, reasoned, synthesized.

thought (verb)

brooded, cerebrated, concentrated, debated, deliberated, meditated, mused, pondered, speculated.

Other synonyms and related words:

Percipience, absent-mindedness, absolutely, abstract idea, abstraction, accommodatingness, ace, acuity, acumen, address, admonition, advertence, advertency, advice, advising, advocacy, affect, affection, affirmation, agreeableness, aim, alertness, allegation, alleged, answer, antelope, anticipation, anxiety, apologetic, apostrophe, apparent, appear, appreciate, appreciation, apprehending, apprehension, approach, approximately, archetype, arrow, aspect, aspiration, assertion, assiduity, assiduousness, association, association of ideas, assumed, assumption, atom, attend, attention span, attentiveness, attitude, averment, awareness, band wagon, behold, believe, believed, bent, bias, bit, blue darter, blue streak, brainchild, brains, brainwork, briefing, brown study, cannonball, cantlet, caprice, care, caring, carried out, cast, caution, caveat, certainty, chain of thought, chip, chipping, circumspection, clandestine, climate of opinion, clipping, closely, cogitating, cogitative, cognition, cognitive, comment, commitment, common belief, community sentiment, comparatively, compassion, complaisance, compute, conceit, conceive, concentrating, concentrative, conceptive, conceptual, concern, concluding, confidence, confidential, conjecture, consciousness, consensus gentium, consider, considerateness, considering, construct, consultation, contemplate, contemplating, contemplative, content, corpuscle, council, counsel, courser, crack, crumb, cryptic, current of thought, dab, dart, dash, day-dream, debate, declaration, deducing, deem, deemed, deep, deliberating, deliberative, delicacy, delusion, deriving, details, dictum, dight, diligence, direction, discerning, discernment, disposition, dot, dream, driblet, drift, drop, droplet, eagle, ear, earnestness, easily, eidolon, electricity, emotion, esoteric, estimate, ethos, examination, exclamation, excogitating, excogitation, exhortation, expect, expectancy, expectation, expostulation, express train, expression, eye, eyeshot, facilely, faintly, fairly, fancy, fantasy, feeling, flash, flitter, flow of thought, formative notion, fritter, gazelle, general belief, general idea, generality, generalization, gleam, globule, gobbet, grain, granule, greased lightning, greeting, greyhound, guidance, guiding conception, hair, halfway, hardly, hare, harshly, hazily, head, headwork, heed, heedfulness, held, helpfulness, hint, hold, hope, horizon, hortation, hunch, hypothesis, ideal, idealisation, idealism, idealization, ideative, imaginary, imagine, imago, imminence, impression, impulse, inch, inclination, incompletely, indefinitely, inducing, indulgence, inferring, infusion, inmost thoughts, inspection, instruction, intellectual object, intellectualization, intent, intention, intentiveness, intentness, interest, interjection, intimately, intimation, introspection, introspective, intuition, invention imagination, iota, jet plane, jot, judging, judgment, kind of, kind-heartedness, kindliness, kindness, knowing, knowledge, leaning, legal opinion, leniency, lick, light, lightly, lightning, lights, likelihood, line, little, look, looked on, looked upon, made out, mainstream, material point, maxim, meditating, meditative, melodic theme, memories, memory, memory trace, mental, mental activity, mental image, mental impression, mentation, mention, mercury, message, mindfulness, minim, minimum, minutiae, mite, moderately, modestly, modicum, molecule, monition, morceau, morsel, mote, museful, musical theme, mysterious, mystic, mystical, mystifying, mystique, navel-gazing, nearly, noetic, nominal, note, notice, object, obligingness, observance, observe, one's breast, organizing conception, orientation, original idea, orthodoxy, ostensible, outlook, outward appearance, panorama, paring, parley, particle, particularity, partly, patch, pensee, pensive, perceive, perceiving, percept, perceptiveness, perpension, personal judgment, perspective, perspicacity, persuasion, phantasma, phrase, picture, pillar, place, planning, point, point of view, politic, political, ponder, ponder on, popular belief, popular opinion, position, posture, prehensive, premise, prepossession, presence of mind, prevailing belief, private, privy, probability, process of mind, promise, pronouncement, proposal, proposition, prospect, public belief, public opinion, purported, purpose, purview, putative, question, quicksilver, quite, rather, ratiocination, rationalization, rationalizing, reaction, realizing, recept, reckon, recollection, recommendation, reflect, reflect on, reflected on, reflecting, reflective, regard, regarded, regardfulness, regulative principle, relatively, reliance, remark, remember with longing, remembrance, remembrances, reminiscence, remonstrance, representation, repute, reputed, respect, rethink, reverie, revisal, revision, rocket, roughly, ruling, ruminant, ruminating, rumination, ruminative, rumored, rumoured, sagacity, said, sauce, say, saying, scantling, scared rabbit, scene, scintilla, scrag, screed, scruple, scrutiny, scrutiny inspection, seasoning, secluded, secret, secret thoughts, see, seed, seeing, seem, self-analysis, sensation, sense, sensibility, sentence, sentiment, serious, severely, shade, shadow, shaving, shibboleth, shive, shiver, shot, show solicitude for, sight, significancy, sip, slenderly, slightly, slip, sliver, smack, small amount, small quansmall quantity, smattering, smell, smoothly, snack, snick, snip, snippet, so-called, sober, solicitousness, solicitude, something, somewhat, sop, soul, soul-searching, soupcon, spark, speck, speculative, spice, spirit, sprinkling, stance, stand, statement, streak, streak of lightning, stream of consciousness, striped snake, suasion, subject, subjoinder, suggestion, sup, suppose, surmise, survey, suspicion, swallow, sympathy, tact, tactfulness, tactic, taint, taste, tatter, tempering, tendency, tender susceptibility, tenderness, theme, theorem, theorization, thing, think, think about, thought about, thought highly, thought of, thought over, thought process, thought up, thoughtful, thoughtfully, thoughtfulness, thoughts, thunderbolt, tinct, tincture, tinge, tint, tittle, toleration, torrent, touch, trace, train of thought, treated with respect, tried to, trifle, trouble, unastonishment, utterance, vaguely, vanishing point, vestige, viewed, viewpoint, vista, vox populi, warning, way of thinking, whim, whimsy, whit, wind, wisdom, wistful, wit, wool-gathering, word, worry, would like to, your intention.

Rhymes for Thought:

  1. aught, fraught, taught, fought, ought, sought, brought, naught, wrought, snot, taut;
  2. distraught, begot;
  3. overwrought;

Quotes for Thought:

  1. The great art of films does not consist of descriptive movement of face and body but in the movements of thought and soul transmitted in a kind of intense isolation. Louise Brooks.
  2. I have always thought of myself as a performer first and way down the line as a recording artist. Leo Kottke.
  3. In pure literature, the writers of the eighteenth century achieved, indeed, many triumphs; but their great, their peculiar, triumphs were in the domain of thought Lytton Strachey.

Idioms of Thought:

  1. a train of thought
  2. that's a thought
  3. sunk in thought